Master Plan Update Through Design Development and Miscellaneous Scopes, Santiago Chile Airport Arturo Merino Benítez

Location: Santiago, RM, Chile.
Built Area: 300.000 m2
Ancillary Buildings: 150.000 m2
Airport Campus Size: 800 Hectares Or 1,976 Acres Master Plan
Development Of Government Issued Schematic Design Through Construction Contract Administration: Chilean-canadian Joint Venture With Stantec Architecture Limited And Amunategui Barreau Arquitectos Along With Airport Direction Of Ministry Of Public Works.
Santiago Architecture Team:
Sergio Amunategui, Carmen Barreau, Martín Urrutia, Javier Basualdo, Sandra Burgos, Olga Villa, Isabel Jacome, Diego Sutil.
Vancouver Architecture Team:
Stanis Smith, Rian Burger, Cecilia Einarson, Adrien Pratlong, Shawn Lawrie, Egor Revenko, Alvaro Fernandez De Mesa.

The project includes the development plan for the airport facilities through 2030 and 2045 according to its Master Plan.

The main works to develop are:

  • Design of new International Passenger Terminal.
  • Renewal of the existing terminal turning it into domestic terminal.
  • Design of parking structures and facilities.
  • Design of a central plaza between the two terminals.
  • Increasing of taxiways and platforms related to the new airport infrastructure.
  • New road structure and landscaping for the entire complex.
  • Facilities for Public Services.

The master plan proposes a public dimension not previously explored in the airport complex, providing a great pedestrian avenue that extends throughout the public area, ending by the terminals complex, intending to inject urban life for staff and passengers.
Also, the terminal complex creates a central public plaza, by facing the access facades of both terminals, allowing immediate and intuitive guidance, and creating links between the two terminals with direct and easy movement for passengers through a magnificent public space outdoor experience.