Antofagasta International Airport Update, Expansion and Remodel, Passenger Terminal, Miscellaneous Ancillary Buildings and Greenfield Master Plan

Location: Antofagasta, II Región, Chile
Built Area: 9.500 m2.
Architects: Sergio Amunategui, Carmen Barreau, Bart Du Rang
Date of Completion: 2014

The project deals with designing the renewal and expansion for the passenger terminal, which involves the current 7,000 m2 and adding new 2500 m2, completing 9,500 m2 at the end of the work. The expansion of the terminal includes an additional boarding bridge to the existing three bridges, built from an additional platform to the terminal building, which will handle the volume of traffic expected for the coming years.
A new tensile roof structure, appropriate to the climatic and light conditions in northern Chile, is conceived as the unifying element of new and existing works, renewing the image of the airport complex.
Along with this, involves the construction of new offices for airlines, new passenger service areas and facilities for the Department of Aeronautics.