Courtyard by Marriott

Location: Las Condes, Santiago
Built Area: 14,054 M2
Architects: Sergio Amunategui, Carmen Barreau, Bart Du Rang
Lead Architect: Javier Basualdo.
Team Architect: Caterina Prenafeta
Interior Consultants: Enrique Concha
Date Of Completion: 2017

The challenge involves designing, with the respective requirements of Courtyard by Marriott, a 200 rooms Hotel on the top of an existing parking structure, making it necessary to incorporate and embed thoroughly all existing structural elements, with the new design.
As the design implements sustainable solutions, according to LEED certification criteria, the northern facade incorporates a double skin reducing the sunlight exposition.
The program includes rooms from 7th to 16th floor. Top plan includes terrace, pool and gym. The 6th floor works as a second lobby, giving access to meeting rooms, ballrooms, restaurant, and facilities, giving to the 1st floor the main entrance role, with a 4 open storey lobby, and retail areas.
The first 6 floors are contained within membranes of perforated metal sheets and wooden sunscreen panels, hiding the parking floors and also, giving protection and space quality to pedestrian and visitors.