Location: Talca, Séptima Región, Chile
Built Area: Planta 4: 6.093,00 m2 / Casino – Laboratorio: 1.173,48 m2
Lot size: 89.106,86 m2
Architects: Sergio Amunategui, Carmen Barreau
Date of Completion: 2012

Master plan project for the new industrial headquarters for Productos Fernandez S.A. , at Talca city, in the central valley of Chile. The company is working to develop a new corporate image, including this new complex exposed to the main highway which runs across the country. The Masterplan contemplates a 15-year growth. Currently on site, the project includes Plant 3, already finished, and Plant 4 and Industrial Lab.
Amunategui Barreau has provided design and construction documentation for all buildings.