Origami Building

Program: Commercial And Office Space Over Underground Podium Parking
Year Of Construction: 2018
Location: Apoquindo, Las Condes, Uptown Santiago
Built Area: 17,000 M2
Architects: Amunátegui Barreau Aia + Land Arquitectos
Structural: Luis Soler Y Asociados
Mep Coordination & Project Manager: Felipe Elgueta
Client: Centinela Development
General Contractor: Sigro
Photography: Sergio Pirrone

Origami Building is shaped from an architectural tactic that seeks to reduce energy demand compared to a fully glazed office building. This is achieved folding the façade with a variable angle in relation to orientation, passively avoiding overheating and reducing energy consumption by 40%. The façade contains opaque and translucent planes, folded at angles ranging from 115 ° to 145 °.

The project is organized around a flexible grid of columns and beams that form a rigid frame, joined to slabs with a toothed perimeter to receive the folded window tapes. The structural criterion sought rationality and efficiency, with a rigid core offset from its narrow length and the center of its maximum length. The building has 16 floors above ground level and 5 underground.

The building seeks to extend the sidewalk and incorporate the public space linked to the commercial use of the proposed plate on the first 2 floors, thus taking advantage of a privileged location for cyclists, pedestrians and users of public transport, given its proximity to the Escuela Militar metro station, on the south side of Apoquindo Avenue.